Children Need Revolution Needs Children


Cannot have revolution without children.

Arrested Development got that right. We cannot have a revolution, because we do not have our children’s back. Most of us do not even have – or want – our children. We only put up with them part-time. And most of that time they are asleep. The rest of the time we treat them like adults, and burden them with responsibilities that we should carry for them.

How are we to change this society to reflect the best that we would wish for our children – or at least for ourselves – if we are too busy to teach our own children? When did it start making sense that children spend their days at school regardless of whether Continue reading

How Much More “In Your Face” Can They Get?

Dead PresidentsI do not like to write about politics. It would be such a waste of time to pretend that there is such a thing as democracy anywhere. The world is a republic of the rich. Ultra rich. Über rich. Filthy rich. Invisible rich. New World Republic.

But, sometimes I come across an old picture, and I feel a rant on fake politics coming up. Not to worry, I will take this as an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline. It is futile to hope that this picture was Photoshopped. We need evidence of these type of bold moves taken by these squinting rich imbeciles, who laugh at us for being poor imbeciles who are color blind. Continue reading

No Use For Their Fishy Fish

hokke-mackerel-split-fish-pencil-caseIt is my responsibility to teach myself how to fish, so I will be able to eat forever. I cannot depend on them to feed me. They want me to depend on their toxic food, but I want to fish for myself. I had to learn the hard way that they are unreliable, and not worthy of my trust. How can I then trust their food?

They know there are people who want to fish for themselves, and have taken all the fishing rods away.  Continue reading

Rise Above The Fool School System

school prison AdjollyIt is easy to blame the school system for my lack of understanding. They claimed to have the expertise to teach me what I needed to know to be successful in this society. I can now see that there had been some misunderstanding. For some reason, I had understood that the school would teach me the subjects that I needed to understand to be able to apply in my career and be successful. I had come to expect that career and the success.

Imagine my surprise when the career and success did not happen the way I had come to envision it all. I now think that what the school meant to communicate is that 1) the Continue reading

School Is Prison, Education Is Liberation

No matter the fact that I have mastered many subjects at fool school, I remained very uneducated. I was very informed, but I lacked understanding. The schools were designed to mold me to fit the work system that awaited me when I could no longer be imprisoned by the school system. I had to learn that schooling was designed to keep me in line, and it was up to me to educate myself beyond that line.

Of course, I understood that I had to find mentors to show me the ropes, or show me where they hide them. No such luck. The only people I seemed to be able to attract were those who knew little beyond their own schooling, or those who might have known better but were not going to waste their knowing on me. Continue reading

Is Society Progressing Or Regressing?

Unplug 3The problem is simple and complex at the same time. The schooling system is used to turn children into mindless robots and puppets. Most of the children are numbed enough to fit into the lower level jobs at major manufacturing or service corporations. The unwanted children are directed to adjust to incarceration in mental institutions or real prisons. They serve to keep society scared. Then there are the chosen children who get to lead the corporations and governments, to make sure that those in power stay in power. Continue reading