The System Owns the Land, the House, and…

The debt scam is only one part of the money System. The debt System itself is also divided up into different scams. Part of the debt scam is the mortgage scam. The mortgage scam bad enough without the sub-prime-loan scams. It all started with the fable that houses have inflated worth without the land that they are built on. Yet, it is the land that determines the price of the house. The house comes without the land, yet we pay tower-high mortgages. McDonalds may sell worthless burgers, but the land those burgers are sold on is what secures its future. Continue reading

How Much More “In Your Face” Can They Get?

Dead PresidentsI do not like to write about politics. It would be such a waste of time to pretend that there is such a thing as democracy anywhere. The world is a republic of the rich. Ultra rich. Über rich. Filthy rich. Invisible rich. New World Republic.

But, sometimes I come across an old picture, and I feel a rant on fake politics coming up. Not to worry, I will take this as an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline. It is futile to hope that this picture was Photoshopped. We need evidence of these type of bold moves taken by these squinting rich imbeciles, who laugh at us for being poor imbeciles who are color blind. Continue reading

On the Food System – GMO Is So Yesterday

PesticidesWe waste our time feeding the System the money that it makes us work so hard for. The System wants all of the money. So, it makes us pay for the POISON that it feeds us. The poison that our money allowed them to ENGINEER.

With food prices at an artificial high and rising, a family will spend ever more time working for the System, just to be able to pay for the food the System displays in the supermarkets where we are told to shop. The food industry taught us that we could save the time we use to work extra hard, by buying pre-peeled, pre-mixed or even pre-cooked food. Children will recognize French fries, but cannot link it to potatoes that still have some turf on them. Continue reading

A Clear Warning from Food Inc.


Food, Inc. Script – Dialogue Transcript

Michael Pollan: The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000. But the image that’s used to sell the food, it is Continue reading

No Use For Their Fishy Fish

hokke-mackerel-split-fish-pencil-caseIt is my responsibility to teach myself how to fish, so I will be able to eat forever. I cannot depend on them to feed me. They want me to depend on their toxic food, but I want to fish for myself. I had to learn the hard way that they are unreliable, and not worthy of my trust. How can I then trust their food?

They know there are people who want to fish for themselves, and have taken all the fishing rods away.  Continue reading

Education on the Money System (2)

Nothing works without people believing in it. I grew up with money, television and movies, school and work, and food. And I believed all of it. Family and friends served as puppets to push the System on me from close-up. I had to accept money as the norm as my family and friends showed me that it was the only way to get what I wanted. Television showed me that what they were teaching me was the right thing to believe, and school provided the empty theories as the ultimate ‘proof’.

Work proved to be kindergarten for adult children. All the indoctrination was played out in sick ways. How does food fit in? Well, if I was not dumb enough to like the System, then I would just have to numb myself and look the Continue reading