Society Is Stuck In Toddler Phase – Who Wants to Be a Reformer?

child-cryingWhat is this ‘society’ that demands me to be a part of it? Why is it that I have to listen to strangers telling me that I cannot survive without other people? If that is the case, why is there such a thing as solitary confinement in prisons? Is it an attempt to kill the prisoner more quickly? Do they not know that enlightenment is reached in solitude, and not watching mind-numbed can-never-be-real stars dancing on ice, on television or wherever?

I do not want other people to harass me with what they think that I should do. I want to know their credentials first. What is it that makes them an expert on my life? How can they ‘advise’ me when they do not know me? They cannot even answer a simple question. What is my favorite color? They guess pink. Continue reading

How Much More “In Your Face” Can They Get?

Dead PresidentsI do not like to write about politics. It would be such a waste of time to pretend that there is such a thing as democracy anywhere. The world is a republic of the rich. Ultra rich. Über rich. Filthy rich. Invisible rich. New World Republic.

But, sometimes I come across an old picture, and I feel a rant on fake politics coming up. Not to worry, I will take this as an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline. It is futile to hope that this picture was Photoshopped. We need evidence of these type of bold moves taken by these squinting rich imbeciles, who laugh at us for being poor imbeciles who are color blind. Continue reading

No Use For Their Fishy Fish

hokke-mackerel-split-fish-pencil-caseIt is my responsibility to teach myself how to fish, so I will be able to eat forever. I cannot depend on them to feed me. They want me to depend on their toxic food, but I want to fish for myself. I had to learn the hard way that they are unreliable, and not worthy of my trust. How can I then trust their food?

They know there are people who want to fish for themselves, and have taken all the fishing rods away.  Continue reading

Downside Up

the systemIt took me a while to recognize the insanity I got stuck into. I came across a quote that struck me as a clear description of the insanity that I have been coming across all my life. Society teaches me to ask for help, but experts have no intention to give me the help that I need, only the help that they know or choose to give.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality….”–Michael Ellner

Continue reading

It Adds Up to Systematic Deception

The system is all about stealing their money back. And we burn a lot of energy trying to get them more money. They set us up to work harder, and then step in to steal the money from us. We are too tired to stop them. It would not matter if we tried to stop them anyway, the system is designed to protect itself and its soldiers and puppets.

They steal from us and then blame us for being deceived. They send out conflicting messages, and wait for us to choose which one to believe. Once we have chosen, they will punish us for choosing. It does not matter what Continue reading